GATX 20,700-Gallon Tank Car - Ready to Run - Master(R)

GATX 20,700-Gallon Tank Car - Ready to Run - Master(R)


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The Atlas Master GATX 20,700-Gallon Tank Car is based on prototypes introduced in the mid-Sixties by General American Transportation Corporation, more commonly known simply as GATX. The design is a general-purpose, non-insulated, non-pressure tank car. The model recreates two major saddle variations (Type 10 and Type 20) and two top platform variations (one- and two-piece) applied as appropriate for each roadname or roadnumber. The more common products carried in this tank car were tallow, animal fat, fuel oil, diesel fuel, vegetable oil, soybean oil, fertilizers, lubricating oil, waste oil, and glycol. This model features accurate details, appropriate trucks with free-rolling metal wheelsets, fine paint, crisp lettering and AccuMate(R) magnetic knuckle couplers.


  • Accurate painting and printing
  • Numerous detail fittings and components specific to prototype
  • Highly detailed body with prototypical jacket seams
  • See-through walkway and top platform grating