WalthersMainline EMD SD50 - ESU(R) Sound and DCC

WalthersMainline EMD SD50 - ESU(R) Sound and DCC

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Denver & Rio Grande Western(TM) #5513

This WalthersMainline EMD SD50 is perfect for heavy freight service on your HO Scale railroad. As demand for higher-horsepower units and better fuel economy continued to grow in the late 1970s, EMD began testing a new six-axle model in 1979, which entered production as the SD50 in 1981. Like the prototype, this locomotive is a great addition to your railroad's fleet of heavy diesel road units. The WalthersMainline SD50 has the features you want to make it a star performer on your layout!

  • One time run of these road numbers, order now - limited quantity available!
  • Prototypes in main line, regional and lease-fleet service from 1984 to the present
  • Updated power trucks with HT-C sideframes
  • Open grating on steps
  • Phase Two body shell with molded drill starter points for grab irons in EMD SD50-60 Diesel Detail Kit (910-256) sold separately
  • Correct size RP-25 metal wheels
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers

Equipped with ESU sound and DCC for use on DCC and DC layouts featuring:

  • 4 Function outputs with brightness control by CV
  • Fully DCC compatible
  • 14, 28, 128 speed steps
  • Dual-mode DC-DCC
  • 4 Air horns changeable by CVs
  • 2 Bells changeable by CVs

Same powerful drive as WalthersProto(R) locos featuring:

  • 5-pole skew-wound motor
  • 14:1 gear ratio
  • Helical-cut gears for quiet operation and easy multiple unit operation
  • All-wheel drive and electrical pickup
  • Dual machined brass flywheels
  • Heavy die-cast metal chassis
  • Constant and directional LED headlights

PLEASE NOTE: When operating Walthers-branded DCC-equipped locomotives in DC mode, do not use power packs that exceed an 18V rating. This includes MRC 1300-series power packs which have known issues with our decoders.

Alternate horns and bells include:

CV163 = Nathan K3LA (default)
CV163 = Nathan P3
CV163 = Leslie RS3L
CV163 = Nathan K5LA
CV163 = Nathan P5

CV164 = Steel Air Bell (default)
CV164 = Graham White E-Bell