1:72 AREA 51 UFO AE-341.15B

1:72 AREA 51 UFO AE-341.15B


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Deep in the Nevada desert, there are many secrets hidden from
view. Many stay buried for a long, long time. Captured from some
far flung galactic civilization that came to explore our world
(and maybe take a few cattle along the way), this craft
represents the pinnacle of capture A.E.(alien equipment) that the

government forces have so far obtained.

Launched from heddin mountainside hangers that connect to the
larger underground bunker complex of Area-51, this craft makes
regular sojourns across the desert night skies. Capable of
supersonic travel, the craft also features advanced inertial
dampeners that allow it to go from top speed to stationary hover
mode instantaneously.

Original design by Scott Willis, based on accounts and sighting
of alien crafts as described and witnessed over the years. Comes
with landing gear and open hatch panels as well as closed hatch
panels for building a flying display model. Comes in grey plastic

with clear diffused green lenses perfect for lighting.

The Rockets and UFO's Collection
Kit includes 21 pieces molded in grey plastic