Accurail Inc ACF 2-Bay Covered Hopper 3-Pack - Kit -PRE ORDER-

Accurail Inc ACF 2-Bay Covered Hopper 3-Pack - Kit -PRE ORDER-


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    • Easy to assemble kit

    • Highly-detailed injection-molded body and subframe

    • Weight is included to bring to NMRA standards

    • Sharp lettering and graphics

    • Authentic body color and paint schemes

    • Accurail® plastic trucks with Delrin (plastic) wheels (can easily be switched out to metal wheels for extra smooth rolling and realism)

    • Accumate® plastic knuckle couplers (can easily be switched out for the Kadee or other knuckle couplers of your choice)


Product Overview:
Accurail allows any modeler, whether you be a novice or a long-time master model railroader, to add a large roster of beautifully detailed, prototypical freight cars to your collection without the high cost. Built as-is, these kits look great, but it's so easy to upgrade them with the metals wheels, couplers and detail parts you like to make them truly exceptional. They are also a great way to hone your weathering skills and create a level of realism that will make your modeler friends green with jealousy! And finally, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting an American company that manufacturers their products right here in the USA in Elburn, Illinois.