Atlas Model Railroad Co. All Scales Signal System

Atlas Model Railroad Co. All Scales Signal System


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Universal Signal Control Board

The Atlas Universal Signal Control Board is the heart of the All-Scales Signal System circuitry. This plug-and-play system supports both common-anode or common-cathode signals giving you the capability of modeling a variety of different prototypical scenarios.

  • Stand Alone Operation - in this case a single signal runs independently of other signals, and displays appropriate aspects, such as red - yellow - green, in a timed manner.
  • Integrated ABS Block Signaling - Connecting a number of Signal Control Boards together in a daisy chain fashion enables you to represent a prototypical block signal system, where the occupancy of the blocks ahead and behind your train determines the aspects displayed by the signals. The number of blocks is controlled by a simple jumper setting on each signal control board.
  • Approach-Only Signaling - To better support prototypes whose signals do not illuminate until a train is nearby, the Signal Control Board has a setting to enable this behavior.
  • Flashing Aspects - On some railroads, in order to increase the number of indications available to train crews, such as intermediate restrictions, certain flashing aspects are used. These aspects are now supported with flashing yellow and green options, and are automatically enabled for certain prototypes by a single jumper setting.
  • Complex and Interlocking Signaling - In combination with our new Interlock Control Module, simple turnout indication or complex route-based signaling is possible.
  • Manual Control - Full control of signal aspect for Red, Yellow, Flashing Yellow, Flashing Green (with appropriate auto return to Green) is available for those wishing to create the ultimate in CTC-like systems.