Atlas Model Railroad Co. EMD GP40-2 - Sound and DCC - Master(R) Gold


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This detailed Atlas HO Scale Master Gold EMD GP40-2 is modeled after diesels built by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors between 1976 and 1979 and operated by Class I and short line railroads. The GP40-2 was EMD's follow-up to the very successful GP40 locomotive model. While many internal upgrades were introduced (such as the use of improved, modular Dash 2 electrical components), there were some external differences between the early production GP40-2 and late-production GP40. This included an engine water-level sight glass on the right side of the body (a feature common to all EMD Dash 2 models), a larger electrical cabinet air filter box, a lengthened battery compartment on the left side, and a slightly modified cab. All GP40-2s featured a 16-cylinder EMD 645-series diesel engine which was rated at 3,000 horsepower. Early to mid-production phase 2 GP40-2s were built from mid-1976 through late-1979. Several major spotting features of Phase 2 units include: an 88" low nose, corrugated radiator grilles and notched step wells. EMD GP40-2s are still in service from coast to coast in the 2020s. Whether operated by their original owners or secondary owners, they're still popular for hauling road freights and for local switching. This Atlas model features details unique to each roadname and working front and/or rear ditch lights if appropriate. Other features include a five-pole, skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, directional LED lighting, Accumate(R) magnetic knuckle couplers, accurate decoration and roadname-appropriate body details. This replica comes equipped with a dual-mode ESU LokSound sound and DCC decoder for operation on DCC and DC layouts (with limited sound capabilities on in DC operation). 

Arriving April 2024