Bluford Shops Pullman-Standard 86' Auto Parts Double Door Boxcar - Ready to Run

Bluford Shops

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This ready-to-run N Scale Pullman-Standard 86' Auto Parts Double-Door Boxcar from Bluford Shops are based on cars that first appeared in the mid-60s and are still in use today. Unlike general service freight cars, auto parts boxes are assigned to pools based on a mileage formula and often spend most of their time off home rails. In other words, foreign road cars usually out-number home road cars in a given parts train to the point that if you missed the locomotives passing, you would have a hard time telling whose train it was! This N Scale Pullman Standard 86' Auto Parts Boxcar is offered in both double and quad-door versions. The car features an injection molded plastic body, etched metal details, operating knuckle couplers, accurately appearing trucks and cushion draft gear enclosures. 


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