Broadway Limited Imports AAR 70-Ton 3-Bay Hopper w/Load 4-Pack

Broadway limited

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At their peak, the prototypes for the Broadway Limited HO Scale AAR 70-Ton 3-Bay Hopper made up 6% of all open hoppers and almost 1.5% of the entire North American freight car fleet! In all, over 33,000 cars were built to this design, by numerous manufacturers and for over 30 railroads. The cars were used to transport coal, gravel, coke, and other bulk commodities across North America. The first of these cars appeared in the late 1930s, and several were still in service in the 1980s! The HO SCale models feature several road-specific brake detail variations, a removable molded load, 70-ton trucks, plus metal wheels, fine decoration and magnetic knuckle couplers. The AAR 70-Ton 3-Bay Hopper is one of many Broadway Limited HO Scale freight cars.

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