Orange Empire Model Trains

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Hardcover, 348 pages, text, map, Color photographs with captions.

This is an excellent nostalgic look at the Santa Fe Railway in California as it was over the years. Many of the photographs presented were taken by the author, a Santa Fe official. There are scenes of locations, depots and other facilities, excursions, and a few people in all eras from the early yellow and blue diesel paint scheme, Warbonnets from the F-units to modern power, yellow Warbonnets and a few Amtrak and commuter operations. Also, the caboose was common as were passenger service pre-Amtrak. If you like the subjects of California and the Santa Fe Railway, this is a great title.

Coast Lines and Valley Freights covers the last three decades of the Santa Fe Railway in the State of California. The Santa Fe is pictured in over 630 large color photographs generally laid out with three or four pictures to a two-page spread (large images). Included are detailed end-sheet maps, expanded coverage of the popular train-watching locations on Cajon and Tehachapi, several "now-and-then" photos showing location changes over time, and much more.

Los Angeles Division, Topock to Los Angeles, pp. 8-239;
Valley Division, Barstow to Richmond and San Francisco, pp. 240-347;
Bibliography, pg. 348.