N Scale Jacksonville Terminal Company N 772021 NSC 53' Well Car, CP Rail #527535

N Scale Jacksonville Terminal Company N 772021 NSC 53' Well Car, CP Rail #527535

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CP RAIL NSC 53' well car, Class NWF13 - 17 Post version

Class NWF13 - 17 Post version of a single well double stack cars as built by National Steel Car. National Steel Car (NSC) is the largest manufacturer of rolling stock in Canada, based in Hamilton, Ontario.

Designed and engineered for modeler's use
Metal detailed body for weight and tracking ability, loaded or empty.
JTC has made the end grabs, foot-stirrups, and walkways out of etched stainless steel, with see thru grating. The SS will generally bend, instead of breaking like plastic. The SS will also hold up to general handling much better than plastic. The etched metal is painted to resemble a prototypical dull galvanized metal.
JTC has designed this model to accept other brands of containers. We have test fit the following: All JTC products and these 53' containers- Atlas, Deluxe, KATO, Micro-Trains, Scale Trains. Also 48 footers by Deluxe, Micro-Trains.
The interior has 'PIN' location holes for proper placement of JTC 20' for compatible alignment of larger JTC containers on top.
The design of the interior 'PIN' holes at 40' locations are oval shaped to accept a proper fit in the well of non-JTC brands.
Engineered for the 17-post NSC versions to come with 100T trucks and M-T couplers - body mounted at the factory.
Precise painting and decorating as per prototype photos.
JTC suggested minimum radius is 18" for the length of car. On the test layout, they constantly traversed 15" curves.
Model has plastic air system details

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