Rapido Trains Inc Alco PA2 - PB2 Set - ESU LokSound and DCC


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Southern Pacific #6045, 5924 (gray, red)

The Rapido Trains HO Scale Alco PA series diesels are based on what many believe to be one the most attractive diesel locomotives ever produced. The PA locomotives were built by a partnership of American Locomotive and General Electric between 1946 and 1953. They offered two models, the PA-1 initially followed by the PA-2. Both were powered by Alco's 16-cylinder 244 diesel engine generating 2,000 HP in the PA-1 and 2,250 in the PA-2. The PA locomotives were designed to compete with General Motors EMD E-units in the passenger locomotive market.
Available in single PA1 or PA2 A units or as PA-PB sets, these units are perfect for powering your railroad's passenger trains. Rapido Alco PA series locomotives (both PA and PB diesels) feature completely accurate contours and road-specific details. Carbody contours have been generated using a 3-D laser scan of Doyle McCormack's preserved unit. Other features include roadname-specific details, directional headlights, operating Gyralite, lighted control stands, cab details and lighted numberboards. The smooth-running drive features flywheels and the model comes equipped with Macdonald-Cartier knuckle couplers compatible with all magnetic knuckle couplers. This sound-equipped Alco PA, or PA-PB set is equipped with a full-featured TCS sound and DCC decoder with accurate sounds recorded from the prototype.