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EMD-GMD SW1200 - LokSound and DCC

Rapido Trains Inc EMD-GMD SW1200 - LokSound and DCC

Orange Empire Model Trains

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Cab Numbers: 131, 134, 138 available.

The Rapido Trains HO Scale EMD-GMD SW1200 is based on the popular 1,200-horsepower SW1200 switcher introduced in January 1954 and produced by EMD and GMD through May 1966. Over 700 examples of this versatile road switcher were built by EMD over 280 were built by GMD in Canada. As dieselization progressed, many roads found themselves in need of compact, lightweight locomotives to replace steam power on branch lines and other over-the-road assignments (freight and passenger) not requiring a full-fledged mainline road switcher. The SW1200 combined the right size and muscle for these assignments.
This SW1200 is available with both Type A and Flexicoil trucks, roadname-specific fuel tanks, spark arrestors, MU cables, folding end-platform drop steps and different lighting options. Other features of the SW1200 include full underbody details, full cab interior including crash bars, non-working fire extinguisher and fridge, directional headlights and inspection lights and lighted numberboards. The smooth-running drive features flywheels and the model comes equipped with Macdonald-Cartier knuckle couplers compatible with all magnetic knuckle couplers. This sound-equipped EMD-GMD SW1200 is equipped with a full-featured ESU LokSound and DCC decoder with accurate sounds recorded from the prototype.