Rapido Trains Inc Pacific Car & Foundry B-70-69/71/75 Boxcar 6-Pack - Ready to Run

Rapido Trains Inc Pacific Car & Foundry B-70-69/71/75 Boxcar 6-Pack - Ready to Run


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Rapido HO PC&F B70 Boxcar, SSW Cotton Belt, 6-Pack 

3 Different 6 packs available.

Rapido Trains Inc. is proud to announce another essential modern freight car, the Pacific Car & Foundry B-70-69/71/75 class boxcar in HO scale!

As the demand grew in the 70s for larger capacity boxcars, along with the need to replace aging 40’ cars, this series of 50’ double door boxes was produced by PC&F for the Southern Pacific and its subsidiary St. Louis Southwestern (SSW). Constructed between 1972 and 1975, these boxcars are 50’-7” in length with a capacity of either 5258 cu ft for standard cars, or 5119 cu ft for those equipped for DF (Damage Free) Loading. All B-70 boxcars feature Hydra-Cushion underframes and were delivered with either Youngstown or Superior doors.

Proving to be a versatile addition to the SP/SSW fleet, these boxcars were later rebuilt for Golden West Service and could be seen carrying goods across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Many can still be seen on the rails today, whether in their original SSW or SP paint, as former Golden West cars stenciled back into SP, or under entirely new ownership.

The PC&F B-70-69/71/75 Boxcar features:

    • Separately applied metal grab irons

    • Scale sized draft gear with a detailed Hydra-Cushion underframe

    • Full underbody brake rigging

    • Multiple door styles as appropriate for each fleet

    • Road number specific number patches

    • Separately applied coupler cut levers

    • Separate door tracks

    • Factory-installed Rapido semi-scale knuckle couplers

    • Newly tooled 70 ton trucks with turned metal 33” wheels