Walthers #8 RH Turnout Code 83 NS

Walthers #8 RH Turnout Code 83 NS


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rack is the most important model on your HO Scale layout, and WalthersTrack makes it easy to create realistic mainlines, sidings and more with Code 83 rail! Combining great looks and great performance in a complete system, each item comes fully assembled and features:

Thin profile ties in realistic dark brown with enhanced wood grain detail
Fine profile molded spike and tie plate details on each tie
Spike-mounting holes positioned next to the rail
Molded starter points on underside of ties for fasteners
Custom formulated nickel silver rail for outstanding electrical conductivity

In addition to these details, each DCC-friendly Code 83 Turnout features:

Snap-action points
Solid rail points for better conductivity
Isolated frogs with built-in jumper for powering as desired
Current jumpers entering and leaving the frogs
Insulated tie bar