Walthers Cornerstone Red Wing Milling Co.


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Kit - 6-5/8 x 4-7/8" 16.5 x 12cm

Flour mills have changed dramatically since the water-powered mills of the 1800s. The Walthers Cornerstone Red Wing Milling Co. captures the look and feel of contemporary mills in a size that fits most layouts. 1950s and later mills produce enormous quantities of flour and other milled grains. They once received grain in boxcars and have since moved to covered hoppers. Outbound flour and meal moves out in Airslide(R) and similar covered hoppers as well as in bulk hopper trucks. The modern concrete Red Wing Milling Co. features truck and rail loading facilities, blowers, vents, separate doors and windows, and full-color decal signs. As shown the finished kit measures: 6-5/8 x 4-7/8" 16.5 x 12cm

Red Wing Milling Co. s just one of a wide variety of Cornerstone industrial buildings.

Contemporary trackside industry
Prototypes receive grain in covered hoppers or boxcars, ship flour in Air slide hoppers, boxcars and by truck
Exterior dust collectors, fire escape ladders and other details
Railcar loading canopy
Truck loading doors
Easy-to-build plastic kit
Realistic decal signs