Walthers Cornerstone Superior Paper Company

Walthers Cornerstone Superior Paper Company


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Paper mills are some of the busiest spots along the railroads that serve them and the Walthers Cornerstone Superior Paper Mill kit will be the heart of your bustling N Scale paper mill complex. Tons of raw materials arrive at the paper mill complex in specialized cars including woodchip gondolas and pulpwood flats, along with a variety of chemicals and slurries that are shipped in tank cars. Finished products are also shipped by rail, typically in special service boxcars.

The Superior Paper kit comes with two complete buildings to begin operations, which could also be used to model a variety of other industries. The first step in paper-making is the kraft (German for strength) mill, where wood is transformed into pulp. This modern steel structure is complete with large smokestacks and a variety of other details. (Used by itself, this building makes a great modern powerhouse for an electric utility or major industry.) Pulp is processed in the Main Building, a large brick structure that's complete with pulp vats, loading docks, separate windows and many other details. Detailed instructions are provided for the entire complex, along with colorful sign decals. The finished Superior Paper Co. Mill measures: Main Building: 12-1/2 x 7" 31.7 x 17.7cm Kraft Mill: 7-1/16 x 4-3/4" 17.9 x 12cm

Superior Paper Mill is just one of a wide variety of Cornerstone N Scale industrial buildings.

Big industry in a layout-sized space
Perfect for 1950s and later layouts
Railcar door
Corrugated kraft mill
Brick construction on a concrete foundation
Four truck bay dock doors
Two pulp tanks
Rooftop vents and stacks
Exterior tanks
Decal signs
Molded in appropriate colors and clear plastic