Walthers Cornerstone Western Flood Loader

Walthers Cornerstone Western Flood Loader


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Kit - 16 x 2-7/16 x 9-5/8" 42.5 x 6.1 x 24.4cm

The Walthers Cornerstone N Scale Western Coal Flood Loader puts big action in a small space on your railroad. With today's "just in time" coal delivery, meeting customer schedules demands equipment that's up to the job. Based on large-silo coal loaders, flood loaders like this are now used in both eastern and western coalfields. Essentially storage silos that hold tons of coal for quickly loading unit train gondolas and hoppers, these large structures are fed by conveyor systems from mines and coal processors or washers that can be miles away - perfect for adding a large industrial shipper along your railroad without modeling the huge associated coal mine shaft or pit - it's implied it's somewhere off the layout! The Western Coal Flood Loader includes a variety of rooftop machinery that puts realistic detail in this highly visible location. Modular conveyor sections can be arranged in a variety of ways, or combined with other buildings like the New River Mining Company, (933-3221) or Glacier Gravel (933-3241, this structure is similar to a coal crusher-grader) to model a complete scene. Stackable loading silo sections allow you to easily build a tall or short structure that can fit wherever overhead clearance may be limited, such as on multi-deck layouts. As shown the kit measures 16 x 2-7/16 x 9-5/8" 42.5 x 6.1 x 24.4cm. Conveyor sections are each 4-1/4" 10.8cm long.

The Western Coal Flood Loader is just one of a wide variety of Cornerstone N Scale industrial buildings.

Easy-to-build plastic kit
Simulated concrete construction
Adjustable height
Found in coalfields from the 1970s to the present
Perfect for use with coal gondolas and hoppers
Rooftop railings and conveyor house
Molded in appropriate colors