Woodland Scenics TT4581 Track Painter, Rusty Rail

Woodland Scenics TT4581 Track Painter, Rusty Rail

woodland scenics

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A product of the Tidy Track Track and Rail Maintenance System.

Tidy Track is a complete system for N, HO and O that includes all the tools needed for corrective and preventive maintenance of your track and wheels. It is easy, efficient, thorough and safe for your equipment and your scenery. Use of the Tidy Track system will help to improve track conductivity and, thus, assure optimum performance from your trains, as well as extend the life of your trains and track and protect your investment. It is always a comfort to know that you have attended to the important maintenance prodedures that will help keep your trains running efficiently.

Track Painter - Rusty Rail
Paint rails, plates and spikes a realistic rust color. Transform your track quickly and easily to look as realistic as the rest of your layout. Use before or after installation to paint metal or plastic. Works for all scales. Includes an extra tip. One to a package.